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Laura Hokstad-Credit Stephanie de Bem_Storyline.jpg

Laura Hokstad

Laura Hokstad (she/her) is a Queer Toronto based Art Director and Tarot card Reader. She is also the host of the YouTube series on Rue Morgue TV called Terror Tarot, where she analyzes the use of tarot cards in horror films. Laura has always had a strong interest in the occult and magic. Through the use of tarot cards and her solitary practice, Laura searches for a deeper understanding of herself and those around her.

Andra Zlatescu-Credit Jason Providence_Storyline(2).CR2

Andra Maria Zlatescu

Andra Zlătar is a Romany-Romanian musician, performer, illustrator, and Tarot reader. Andra is passionate about creation that serves to act as a spell to open the doorways by honouring the land, their ancestors and traditions. She plays singing saw and guitar in the band Willow Switch and loves to create haunting ethereal doomy folk music. Andra’s witchcraft practice is rooted in reclaiming her ancestral practice and learning to walk the old roads of her ancestry.


 Leilani/Witch Prophet

Witch Prophet is a queer, East African, singer-songwriter, and the Co-CEO of Heart Lake Records. She provides her fans with a soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps, and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz, and soul-inspired beats. Think Erykah Badu meets Lauryn Hill meets Portishead. She finds depth and connection in creating music as a portal for self-growth and discovery, as she navigates and better understands her cultural and queer identity.

anne marie greymoon headshot.jpg

Anne Marie Greymoon

Anne Marie Greymoon has been a ballerina, a pagan artisan, musician, singer, mask maker, doula, teacher, postal worker, business manager, occultist, drummer, herbalist, tarot reader, Spiritual consultant, Traditional healer, Morris dancer, High Priestess, Elder and is still a lot of these things (really). She has been in the craft since the early eighties and is a 3* HPS in both the Gardnerian and Alexandrian traditions of Wica. She has participated in numerous radio, TV and film documentaries on witchcraft.


Monica Bodirsky

Monica Bodirsky BDEs, CH, is a Witch and a walker between many worlds whose work explores the metaphysical. Her current illustrative art and writing focus on accessible divination methodologies that empower, enlighten, and, sometimes entertain. Her tarot and oracle decks are traditionally published through Red Feather Mind, Body and Spirit and are available at local and major book retailers in Canada, the US and Europe. She is the founder of WITCHfest North (2017 – 2021), taught at OCAD University, offers consultations and residencies, and is the author of speculative fiction. She and her husband live peacefully in a mystical hideaway filled with haunted relics and love.

sandra mariah wright.jpeg

Sandra Mariah Wright

Sandra Mariah Wright is the High Priestess of Elphame Coven in Salem, Massachusetts. She owns a jewelry and occult supply company (Gallows Hill Witchery) as well as an annual psychic fair (Spirit Beacon Psychic Fair and Mystical Marketplace), and hosts The Psychic Tea radio show monthly with her co-author. She has appeared on the Travel Channel, Showtime, and The Real Housewives of New York City.


Robi Gilmore

Robi Gilmore was initiated as a Vodouasant in Louisiana Vodou/Voodoo traditions outside of St. Francisville at age seven. When he was eighteen, as part of his transition to adulthood, he became a High Priest of Louisiana Vodou/Voodoo. Robi leads a highly rated, popular Voodoo walking tour in New Orleans

mihaela minca.jpg

Mihaela Minca and her Family

Europe and LA-based witch specializing in traditional Roma magic. Mihaela works with her daughters and granddaughter out of Romania and is known as "Romania's Most Powerful Witch".

Lorena Elizabeth-Queen Erzulie.jpg

Queen Erzulie

Lorena AKA Queen Erzulie is a Professional Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Priestess with over 25 years of experience and practical application of Magickal techniques. When she was 5, she started training with her Grandmother and her Grandmother's Sisters to learn the practice of Hoodoo Rootwork. Her Grandmother was a Prophetess, Spirit Counselor, and a Woman of Great Strength and Purpose. It is Lorena's honour and delight to follow in her footsteps. With Lakeesha Harris, she runs the Black Witch University in New Orleans which empowers other Black Witches to reach their full potential. The Black Witch University provides a safe space for Black Witches to learn their craft, while creating a positive community environment.

Lord M headshot.tif

Lord Rhoderick Moncreiff

Lord Rhoderick Moncreiff comes from a long line of Scottish nobility. The family’s residence, Tullibole Castle, is a 17th century A-listed Scottish Castle, steeped in history. It was once the home of William Halliday who, at the height of Scotland’s witch hunting, presided over a court responsible for the persecution of thirteen people accused of witchcraft and the execution of eleven. In 2003, to commemorate the innocent victims, Lord Moncreiff started construction on a Witches Maze, a woodland memorial, to condemn the ignorant and superstitious beliefs of the past as well as those in modern day society. It was completed in 2012 and is accessible to the public. Today Tullibole Castle is also a popular venue for weddings.



Rama Rau head shot new.jpg

Rama Rau


Canadian Screen Award nominated writer-director Rama Rau got her start in filmmaking as the only woman crew member among two hundred men, on set in Bollywood, India. Moving to Canada, Rau started making documentaries where she learnt authenticity. This experience helps her work intensely with actors, helping to bring real emotions to the screen. Bringing real stories and emotions to the screen is her passion and what sets her apart as a director. Rau has helmed a slew of content – from feature films to documentaries to miniseries - for broadcasters like CBC, TVO, ZDF-ARTE Germany, Sundance Channel, NRK Norway, YLE Finland and Al Jazeera. Recent release is the multi-award winning feature HONEY BEE, starring Julia Sarah Stone and Martha Plimpton which won Best Film Awards at the Whistler Film Festival, the Canadian Film Festival, the North Dakota Human Rights Festival and a LEO Award for Julia.

Storyline Entertainment - Ed Barreveld_edited_edited.jpg

Ed Barreveld


Storyline Entertainment CEO and Emmy Award-winning producer Ed Barreveld is one of Canada’s top independent documentary-film professionals. A hands-on producer with 35 years of experience in both financing and the field, Barreveld brings together Canadian and international storytellers, investors, and partners on documentaries that explore underexposed places and perspectives in society and culture. Barreveld has partnered with producers and investors in Germany, Belgium, Australia, Greece, France, Chile, and the U.S.A. He regularly attends many of the top documentary market events. Storyline titles have sold internationally, screened at Tribeca, Hot Docs, IDFA, and TIFF, and garnered numerous festival accolades, as well as Emmy, Gemini, and Canadian Screen awards and nominations. Barreveld is a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada, the International Documentary Association and the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television’s Documentary Film Committee.


Rob Ruzic


For over 15 years Rob Ruzic has been editing documentaries encompassing a wide range of subjects including social issues, nature, crime, visual arts, sports, performing arts, and biography. His previous work with Storyline Entertainment includes The Face of Anonymous (2021), Prison Pump (2018), and The Real Sherlock Holmes (2012), all directed by Gary Lang and League of Exotique Dancers (2015), directed by Rama Rau, which was the opening night selection at Hot Docs. His previous work for TVO includes Mugshot (2014), Disfarmer: A Portrait of America (2010), and Remembering Arthur (2006), which was named one of the best films of the year by Artforum Magazine.

Getting to know the locals.jpg

Patrick McGowan


Patrick McGowan is a cinematographer who, oddly, has not won a single award in his twenty-five years behind the lens even though he has shot commercials for some of the top brands around today including Nike, Microsoft, McDonalds, Honda and Nissan to name a few. Additionally, Pat is pretty versatile - he is equally comfortable shooting feature films, series television, commercials, and documentaries having traveled the world doing so. One would have thought such diversity would have increased his chances at grabbing at least one award somewhere along the path. Not so. None the less, P.B.S., History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, ABC, and his cousin Sue (her wedding) have all enjoyed the benefits of overlooking this slight. Pat lives in Toronto with his wife, son and daughter.

Jason Providence-Credit Stephanie de Bem_Storyline.jpg

Jason Providence


Jason Providence is a Toronto based cinematographer inspired by stories that create meaningful impact and translate the human experience. He is known for his minimalist approach, maximizing natural environments and transforming them into cinematic experiences. Jason is a collaborative creative whose photography embodies the energy and narrative of each unique project. His work ethic is unrivaled and he prides himself on his versatility in both scripted and unscripted projects.

Recording Strings Frame Grab 12.jpg

Ken Myhr


Ken Myhr has spent the last 25 years writing music for more than 100 award winning documentary dramatic, series and feature films. Ken began his professional life as a session guitar player, arranger, and producer contributing to numerous Cowboy Junkie and Jane Siberry recordings. Since migrating to film in the early 90’s he has won a Canadian Screen Award, an Emmy, a Golden Sheaf and has garnered eight Gemini/CSA nominations for best score. Recently Sembene! garnered wide critical acclaim, went to Cannes and was shortlisted for an Oscar. Herman’s House won an Emmy for best documentary and League of Exotique Dancers opened Hot Docs to sold-out houses and rave reviews. The Accountant of Auschwitz has garnered wide critical acclaim and is a Netflix top 10 streaming doc. She Walks with Apes opened the Nature of Things’ 2019 season. Film excerpts and audio samples available here.

jason milligan.jpeg

Jason Milligan

Sound Recordist

Jason Milligan is a two time Gemini Nominated Sound Recordist (for "The Take" and "Memory for Max, Claire, Ida, and Company") based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who specializes in recording sound on location for Documentaries, Lifestyle, and Reality Programs. Jason has travelled extensively around the world and worked in Argentina, China, France, India, Japan, Jordan, the Netherlands, Peru, Saudi Arabia, St. Vincent, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

daniel pellerin.jpg

Daniel Pellerin

Sound Design Supervisor/Re-Recording Mixer

Daniel Pellerin has worked in sound and music post production for film and television for the past 40 years, as recording and re-recording mixer / engineer, sound design and music supervisor / editor, for digital 5.1 & 7.1 audio formats, utilizing the most current digital technology, specializing in HD productions that heavily rely on CGI content for large screen projection, HD broadcast, internet and mobile content. Throughout his career, he has mixed all of Atom Egoyan’s 16 feature films, including the upcoming special presentation gala at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, his new feature drama “GUEST OF HONOUR” (2019), “REMEMBER” (2016), starring Christopher Plummer and his recent feature dramas “THE DEVIL’S KNOT” (2014) with Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth and also “THE CAPTIVE” (2015) with Ryan Reynolds and of course the Oscar nominated “THE SWEET HEREAFTER” (1996), all with Mychael Danna’s music compositions (2014’s Oscar and Golden Globe winner in the best score category for “Life of Pi”). To see all of Daniel's credits, please visit his IMDB page.


Peter Sawade

Sound Recordist

Bio coming soon.

Erin headshot.jpg

Erin Chisholm

Visual Researcher

Erin Chisholm is a visual researcher with 19 years of experience collecting and clearing archive footage and still imagery for film, television and new media projects. Her work has earned her five Canadian Screen Award nominations and a win for Storyline Entertainment’s League of Exotique Dancers. The archive achievements of Storyline Entertainment’s Dolphin Man led to a nomination for Best Use of Footage in a Natural World Production at FOCAL International. A founding member of the Visual Researchers’ Society of Canada, Chisholm spearheaded its non-profit incorporation in 2008 and served on its Board of Directors as both Secretary and Treasurer.

Headshot Professional.webp

Stephanie de Bem

Production Coordinator/Locations Manager/Post Production Supervisor

Stephanie "Sherlock" de Bem graduated from the Image Arts: Film Studies program at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU; formerly Ryerson U) in 2019. She specializes in producing, production managing/coordinating, and locations managing. Upon graduating, Stephanie has freelanced for several Toronto production companies including Compy Films, Storyline Entertainment, Scarborough Pictures, Visitor Media, and Great Pacific Media. Projects for these companies have included the Best Picture CSA-winning Scarborough, Lido TV (TIFF 2022), several thought-provoking documentaries, and a variety of web series. She is grateful to be a part of such amazing teams and to tell wonderful stories that both entertain and spark dialogue. Stephanie’s producing work includes her short films: Your Mileage May Vary, which was aired on the CBC in August 2018, won Stephanie a Gracie Award presented by the Alliance for Women in Media, and screened at twelve film festivals; Fish Out of Water, which won four awards and screened at eleven festivals; The Next Right, which screened at four fests, and Not Just For The Nerds, a doc close to her heart which went on to screen at the Toronto Shorts Film Festival. Say hi to her at

Shayne Headshot.jpg

Shayne Hontiveros

Assistant Editor

Shayne Hontiveros is a recent graduate of the film program at Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). She is a Toronto-based freelance picture editor and assistant editor. She recently received a Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) Student Merit Nominee for her editing work on Jevi, a student short. She has worked on projects commissioned and supported by Netflix, CBC, TVO and Youtube Originals. Most of them screened at domestic and international film festivals including TIFF, RIIFF, ImagineNATIVE Festival, and Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival.​ Her clients include Storyline Entertainment, Compy Films, Golden Nugget Productions Inc., Sinking Ship Entertainment, and Sandbox - La Boite a films Inc. Born and raised in the Philippines and now living in Canada; upon moving Shayne didn’t see herself on the screen and later found out neither behind the camera. Since then, her goal has been to change that through her work with the help and guidance of other BIPOC artists and their allies.


Pranay Nichani

Assistant Editor

Pranay Nichani is a member of an Indian generation that grew up consuming Western media. From a young age, he was fascinated with the power of filmmaking, and always experimenting with the SLR his uncle gave him as a child. Since then, Pranay has received several degrees, including a Master of Fine Arts in producing and directing from the California Academy of Art. He has worked on a wide range of student projects and has won several awards, including First Prize at the Rotaract Short Film Festival in Mumbai and the Inspirational Leadership Award for Crisis Management from L.S. Raheja College of Arts & Commerce.

dave henning headshot.jpg

DW Henning

Assistant Editor

D.W. Henning is a Toronto-based assistant editor with experience working on documentary and fiction projects for film and television. He won two Best Editing awards for editing the feature film Prof., and he is the editor for comedy troupe Cookie Biscuits, whose short A Brief Case won Best Film at the 2022 Toronto 48 Hour Film Project. D.W. also works as an educator at TVOntario and previously served on the executive board of the Canadian Cinema Editors as Education Advisor.

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